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Frequently asked questions about Crashland.

*NEW* v1.016 Update

[Feature] Left hand options (swap hands | swap sticks).

[Feature] New easier difficulty mode (*Casual -> Beginner -> Normal -> Hard).

I can't select missions after the tutorial

Use the right thumbstick to change missions.

You can also select a specific mission by clicking on the dots across the bottom.

I'm stuck in training - pressing up to teleport doesn't work

To teleport, push and hold up on the right stick while pointing your gun at the ground. There should be a sillouette on the ground. Once the sillouete fills up (takes about half a second), let go of the stick to teleport there.

Check out the Developer Walkthrough video for examples of teleporting and much more.

The perks don't work!

Please make sure that you have selected the perk in question. You can only select a certain amount of perks at a time. Selected perks are highlighted in yellow.  Press A when pointing at perk for more details.

The game keeps pausing

The game will pause if you press the menu button (≡) on the left controller. This will bring up a menu with options to restart or abort the mission. The game will also auto-pause if your Oculus Quest loses tracking, as is required for all apps. This might be due to low light conditions or some other issue (see here). 


In either case you can unpause the game again by pressing the menu button (≡).

I get a black screen when I try to load Crashland

Please update your Oculus Quest to the latest OS version.

You might need to manually update the headset.

A guide for doing this can be found here.

Is Crashland enhanced for Oculus Quest 2?

Yes on Quest 2 the game renders at x1.2 native resolution, has a better draw distance and more particle systems (rocks, debris, gore etc).

I keep on dying! This game is too hard!

Welcome to Crashland! ;)

Note: v1.016 of Crashland includes a refactored Casual "shoot 'em up" difficulty for those who want to blast through the game. 

Crashland is quite a brutal game by design, and the current "normal" difficulty is the intended experience. You will die a lot, especially as you learn the mechanics. 

Running out of teleports is usually how you end up dead. Key to survival is learning to use the scanner to find out where creatures are, and the teleporter to move to safer positions. Remember that you have limited teleports, and every kill gives one teleport point back. Always have this in the back of your mind, and stay two moves ahead.

As you play the game you will figure out most creatures have their weaknesses which you can use to your advantage. As you level up and unlock perks, you will further tip the odds in your favour.  Players generally find that once the mechanics click, they can dance around earlier once-impossible missions with relative ease.

Take a look at the Developer Walkthrough for further advice. 

I lost all my progress / save data has reset

This is a bug that can affect players in v1.01 when you visit the perk or options menu for the first time. Appologies it should not happen twice. There are two main ways of fixing this.


The first method is to plug your Quest into a PC or laptop using a USB cable, so you can access the files on the device (link).  Crashland's save data is stored in Android\data\com.LACGames.Crashland\files. 

Your missing data is stored in data0. Rename this file to data1, data2, data3 or data4 and it will appear in the game in the corresponding save slot. Note: It is a good idea to backup any data files before doing this, especially if you are already using other save slots. 

The alternative method is to update your game to v1.016, and then get in touch.

Any DLC, Co-op planned?

DLC is currently being developed. ETA 2023. New missions, creatures and weapons. Stand by! 

For Co-op, that type of multiplayer experience needs to be designed from the ground up unfortunately, rather than something you can add afterwards. However I might look at a seperate Co-op experience in the future. 

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