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Developer: Llŷr ap Cenydd

Release date: February 2021

Platforms: Oculus Quest (others TBC)


Regular Price: $19.99


CRASHLAND is a VR action-horror game. In the game you play as an intergalactic gladiator who is repeatedly crashlanding on an alien planet. The goal in each mission is to survive until rescue. 

Combat in CRASHLAND is fast and brutal. Players will need to master the smart pistol, boomstick, scanner and teleporter to survive. By gaining XP they can level up and unlock new perks, which can radically alter how the game plays.

There are over 50 creatures in the game, and each of the 24 missions introduces one or two new ones. Many are animated using procedural animation, which aims to bring the creatures through AI driven locomotion or as dynamic ragdolls. There are no humanoid enemies in CRASHLAND.


CRASHLAND started out as a tech demo for the Oculus Rift development kit (DK1). It was one of the first VR shooter tech demos, using Razer Hydras for motion control. In 2015 the concept was revisited in Crashland Reborn, which experimented with teleportation and mobile rendering. Crashland Reborn reached the final round of the Oculus Mobile Gamejam, and later released as a demo for the Oculus DK2 and HTC Vive.

Llyr's main focus in VR during this time was the development of Ocean Rift for Gear VR, Rift, Vive, Daydream, Go and Quest. As active development of Ocean Rift slowed down by 2019, focus shifted to developing CRASHLAND as a full title for Oculus Quest. 



  • Fast visceral combat against over 50 vicious and deadly creatures.

  • Satisfyingly meaty gunplay and core gameplay loop.

  • 24 unique missions across desert, forest, and mountain biomes.

  • Advanced procedural animation technology that helps bring the virtual creatures to life.

  • Weather effects like howling winds, rain, thunderstorms, and snow.

  • 30 perks to unlock including teleport punch, slow motion, berserker, and auto turrets.

  • Local, Friend and Galactic Leaderboards.





CRASHLAND is developed by Dr Llŷr ap Cenydd.

​Llŷr is a VR developer based in Bangor, north Wales, UK. He is also a lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Bangor University. Previous projects includes the popular underwater VR app Ocean Rift.




Twitter: @CrashlandVR (game) @sfaok (Llŷr)

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